Our Staff

Because no one on our staff wanted their picture taken, I compromised by leaving the stock photos exactly as they were in the template. When I ran out of those stock pics, I just did a Google search for “stock employee images” and used those. I don’t know why everyone is so insecure around here.



Michael Mayer

I've been at Hip Hounds since the day we opened in 2006. I purchased the business from the original owner in June of 2016. If for some inexplicable reason I can't imagine, you'd like to know more about me, feel free to click here. You can email me with any questions you might have.




Hannah has a dog named Onyx that I DO NOT like one bit. She’s also obsessive about the leash board being organized and even got a tattoo of a banana because we call her “Banana” all the time.




Nena also works at a high-end restaurant in Austin and shares stories about people who tip 5% on $400 tickets. She also plays softball, reads a lot and her car's air bag sensor is messed up and it's been beeping for THREE YEARS. She says that she doesn't even hear it anymore. Fascinating and horrifying.




Shane spent time in Americorps, actually graduated from college and has a cat named Dog who she sometimes pushes around in a stroller like a demented old lady.  I've seen pictures. It is............concerning.


Dog Wrangler


Kenneth is VERY new and VERY quiet. Not, like, "dangerous" quiet, more "peaceful" quiet. I'm a big fan of 30 Rock and want to call him Kenneth Ellen Parcell but I know he won't get the joke.




Ashley  REFUSES to watch “Making a Murderer”, even though I know she’d really enjoy it. Ashley has worked here long enough to tune me out when I start talking about what she should be watching. This is probably pretty wise.

stock employee



Lyra is from Beaumont which, no offense to anyone from Beaumont, seems like a fairly terrible place. I have confirmation from Lyra that it is, in fact, a fairly terrible place. Let's all not go to Beaumont.

stock 2

Dog Wrangler


Maddie seems real pumped about also working at House of Torment. A little Hip Hounds trivia, another long-time employee who is now a teacher ALSO worked at House of Torment. I said it was trivia, not interesting trivia.

Working in office

Dog Wrangler


Skylor, despite my repeated urging, just won't get her driver's license. I don't know why it bothers me so much. I got my license the DAY I turned sixteen and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't do the exact same thing.